Horticultural College, Hiriyur

Dean Hiriyur


        M.Sc. (Hort.), PhD

Dean College of Horticulture , Hiriyur
University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences Shimoga
Hiriyur, Chithradurga District, Karnataka, India.
[email protected]  
: 08193-260511
:944808 38962


The College of Horticulture, Babbur farm which was started functioning during the year 27.5.2010, has successfully completed 4 years of fruitful academic accomplishment. It was started as part of ruralization of Horticulture education as envisaged by Govt. of Karnataka, in offering B.Sc.(Hort.) degree programme. It is located in Babbur Farm Campus under the University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Shimoga. It is located at about 3 km away from Hiriyur city on NH 4.


The College of Horticulture, Hiriyur was established on 27.5.2010 under the UAHS, Bagalkot. Later (1 April 2012) it came to the Administrative control of University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Shimoga.Location- The college of Horticulture is situated on 40 Kms away from Chitradurga on Bangalore-Puna highway (NH-4) under Central Dry Zone of Karnataka. The longitude is 700 37’East, 130 57’latitude at 606.1m MSL. It is located at 3 km from Hiriyur. The centre is having 120 ha of land, in which Coconut, Mango, sapota, tamarind and other crops are being cultivated.. Soil pH ranges from 8.2-8.9. The soils are red sandy loam to deep black. The mandate crops of the centre are Coconut, Sapota, Orange, Pomegranate, Fig and Onion.

Hiriyur is a small town located in the Chitradurga District, around 40 km from the Chitradurga. This place is renowned for having the oldest dam in Karnataka, Mari Kanive, which is built across the Vedavati River. Vani Vilas Sagar is an artificial lake built by the Maharaja of Mysore across river Vedavati having dimensions 162 ft by 1300 ft. This reservoir comprises two pavilion halls built in saracenic style.This town is famous for the Teru Malleshwara Temple, which is built in Dravidian style and comprises lofty Pyramidal towers. The ceiling of the main hall is painted with the scenes from Shiva Purana and Ramayana.